Project Introduction

For this project we have been given the opportunity to work on our own individual specialism. we have been asked to produce a creative and imaginative piece of artwork that will be exhibited within Kendal Museum and become a long term installation within the Kendal College Learning Resource Centre.

For research and inspiration we have to look at our target audience’s likes, dislikes and interest. Our target audience is the students that are currently studying at Kendal college and they range from ages 16-24. We’ll need to involve these students all the way through the project including the picking process for out modern day icon.

During this project we’ll get the opportunity to be involved in tutor led workshops to help us develop idea generation techniques, research & planning skills and gain a technical understanding of a range of processes including printmaking, textiles, drawing and digital processes.

This project will be for unit 12 “engaging with an audience in Art and Design” and it will have to be completed for 12/02/16. This means that all blog work needs to be completed by then and all practical work has to be uploaded and annotated as well.



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