Ink Test Pieces

For my final piece I want to either to use mono prints or pencil drawings. I first I tried creating some mono prints on smaller versions of the images that I want to use for my final piece so that I have an idea of what the outcome will look like.  To make these mono prints I simply used two images that I place over a sheet of paper that had the ink layer underneath it. I then went over key parts of the image with a pencil to create the lines for the print.

The images are two images from movie scenes of the film “drive” but for my final piece I want to combine photomontages and prints digitally together.

The main aspect of these prints and in most mono-prints is the lines  as they are a limited amount of them and they are the boldest part of the print. This is because the pressure from the pencil is focused onto one spot so a lot of ink is picked up, if not all of it. In these pieces the lines are more defined because there isn’t a lot of dark shading involved so the lines stand out more. The next most improtant part of the prints is the colour and texture. For these prints I didn’t focus on colour because I intended to apply colour within photoshop. But textures are alwasy there in monoprints because some ink alwasy sticks to the paper what it isn’t intended to, unless something is placed there to block the ink such as another piece of paper. the textures in these pieces are there because I used to uch ink and when drawing onto the ink, my hands leant onto the paper causing some of the ink to be picked up due to too much pressure. but these textures are quite light  so the lines are still clear.

Overall I’m happy with these prints and I intend to experiment with them some more but I don’t like are these prints are quite messy and scruffy so next time I’ll take off more ink to limit the unwanted ink marks.FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)



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