Print Making

For this workshop we went back to print making  where I create several mono prints using black, green and yellow inks. To create the mono prints we used a sheet of plastic to layer the ink onto using a roller. Once ink was evenly spread over the sheet I used several sheets of paper to remove any excess ink that would otherwise ruin the mono prints. Then I’d place a final piece of paper over the ink which I’ll make the mono print onto.

To make the print I mostly used a pencil to create the lines but I also used my fingers and hands to create lighter shades then the shades that the pencil make. I also attempted to make a relief print which didn’t turn out as planned, this is because I used the same amount of ink as if I was making a mono print so there wasn’t enough ink to go through the material onto the paper.

What I like about the mono prints that I made are the thick lines that they created and how they stand out from the rest of the print. I also like the faded textures the prints have that are made either from just from no pressure at all or from my hand leaning on the paper making a bigger textured area. what I also like about using pencils on prints is that when you create a scribbles on the image it doesn’t show up as a scribble on the paper but a block of color where the pencil has been which makes the print look better in my opinion.

What I don’t like about print making is that its a lot harder to create different tones, Yes, you can create a light shade by rubbing a finger where you want it to be shaded or you can use a pen or pencil to create a much darker line but when creating the print you can’t see the marks you are making until you lift the paper up, so you have to make a guess as to how much pressure is needed to create a certain shade which usually ends up being the wrong shade

Overall I really enjoyed creating prints and intend to make more test pieces with mono prints in this project and future projects.

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