Thursday workshop: Graphic Design

For this workshop we were using InDesign to create a poster for a music event. We were told that the music event is at Bootleggers and that its being hosted by Kendall College and we were also given a set of text to put onto the poster that was irrelevant to the actual event. We were also given a wide selection of photos from a previous event that we could use how we wanted within the posters design. We were taught and shown how to use InDesign and how the column system worked within magazines.

I really enjoyed this workshop because I’m wanting to do a graphic design degree so an opportunity like these are helpful for my future course and career. I also liked the variation of colors that were in the photos so I was able to create an eye catching  poster that used three main colors: Red,  blue and pink (black and white as well but don’t really count). For my design I was trying to use slants and diagonals that all had a similar direction to one another to create a smooth design.  I also didn’t want to have loads of segments of text so i limited it to two by having all the images in the center of the page and the text on either side of the images. I also used the column system mostly for the images.  For the blue i used 3 columns, pink I used two and the red image on the left used 3 while the red image on the right used 4 columns. The text on the left worked around the images and not the columns but my coincidence it used up 2 columns, same for the text on the right.

I really like how the colors of the images look against each other and the black background really helps emphasis the colors of the images, the title and the white text also  looks nice against the black. But I don’t like how the gaps between the images aren’t the same size and this happened because I changed the design towards the end of the session so I basically ran out of time to finish it off.


kendal collge bootlegs



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