Thursday Workshop, Photo Montages


For this workshop we were taught about what a photo montage is and what the difference is between a photo montage and a collage.  We were then shown different photo montage artists and their work from Victorian times to modern art work. We were then given a stack of magazines and were asked to create our own photo montages.

A photo montage is the result of different photographs that have been cut ripped and glued back together to create a new image or photograph. A collage is a piece of art that has been created by cutting up and sticking back together different materials, photographs, pieces of paper or fabric. The difference between the two is very small and there is defiantly a gray area.

photo 1photo 3photo 2

For this workshop we also looked at several artists an some of the first photomontages from 1857. Two of the artists were Hannah Hoch and  Jesse Treace. Hannah Hoch was a German Dada artist who was one of the first photomontage artists. Many of her pieces criticized the beauty culture at the time and so women are the main focus of her work . Jesse Treace is an artist who’s idea is to create art work that excites and interests people no matter what the current trends and moods are.

Hanna Hoch’s work, to me, looks a little creepy and eyrie because of the way the faces all look like experiments gone horribly wrong. On the other hand, Jesse Treace’s  work look aesthetically pleasing and his work is a lot more simpler because he doesn’t use as many various images as he uses mostly 2 images per piece on average where Hannah Hoch uses around 5+ different images per piece.

The main element of both of these artists is composition as they both use various different images to create one so where they go and in what order is the most important important part to these pieces. Hannah uses a very unique composition as the faces all join together in the right place but wrong sizes, color and proportion resulting in some weird and creepy faces. Jesse Treace usually uses two images usually from a nature scene or astronomical with an urban or human scene creating these nice mixes. the way they both use different images with different colours and tones is interesting as well as Hannah Hoch never uses two images that look like that should work together so a lot of dark and bright images colide. Although in Jesse Treace’s work the colours and tones can look completely different as well which is what makes them seem so surreal, without that collision of colours and tones his work wouldn’t have that same effect. Overall I prefer Jesse Treace’s work the most because I feel the artist has used colours and his images a lot better then Hannah Hoch.


Hannah Hoch’s work


Jesse Treace’s Work



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