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What is illustration?

An Illustration is a very vague subject but the best way to describe it is that it is a visualization or a depiction made by an artist such as a drawing sketch, painting or a photograph. The aim of an illustration is to decorate a story, poem or piece of textual information by providing a visual representation of something described in the text. but in latin, the word is translated into the word “enlighten”.

Where are illustrations found?

Illustrations can be found just about everywhere such as in picture books, animated movies, posters, animations, websites, Television, leaflets, packaging, scientific observations, billboards…. the list is endless.

What media, processes and techniques can you use within an illustration?

All medias can be used for illustrations because there isn’t really a limit. For example you could use, digital, paint, crayon, mono-print, stitching, collage, ink, paper cut, continuous line.

Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is an Illustrator and an artist working on figurative paintings to children’s  picture books using  medias such as watercolors, pastels, crayons, paints and he also works digitally.

Oliver Jeffers starts off with using a sketch book along with pens and pencils to scribble down his ideas. He then takes an idea that he has a story set out for and then redefines it using the different materials but mostly watercolors to create a more official piece. After that he then  goes onto using Photoshop and other digital programs to tweak and perfect the work.

His Illustrations are mostly picture books so they are aimed at younger children and toddlers and so his work has a lot of colour involved. This is because kids are more attracted to bright and colorful books and images. The illustrations that he has in the children’s books can be bright, vibrant and up lifting colours which will obviously appeal to children instantly but not only this but all the colours compliment each other because they look like they are from the same colour palate. Also his illustrations aren’t massively busy, Although there always something going on in the illustrations they are simplified in the way that the colour palate is limited and there isn’t too much detail in any of  the objects, landscapes or characters.

I do like his work and inspired because I like the way he uses the water colours and how he uses colours that all work well with each other. So in my own ideas and work I could do the same but I won’t be recreating his style of painting and drawing as I feel its too simple and to much like a cartoon (which it should be).

Sarah Hanson

Sarah Hanson is a private and a commercial illustrator that works mostly with a collage style blended with photography, painting and print making. She collects and uses random old paper and discarded objects and her work is usually related to some form of travel, location or destination theme. Although her work consists of still illustrations, some have been animated for interactive use and online videos for clients such as Nike and the BBC.

the main elements of her work is colour and composition. She is working with many layers of images, drawings, paintings and maps so how they all come together into one piece is really important for her work. Her work usually consists of a location or a map in the background while in the mid and the foreground there is a various amount of signs, traveling related images, animals or people. Color also plays a big part in her work because the colours are all the layers that she is working with need to work with each other and how she does it is interesting but looks good. The colors that she uses are completely different but most of them have a high contrast element so there will be a lot of mixes of dark and bright areas. The colours she uses usually relate to the image such as the wales image below is made up of greens and red which represent the welsh flag. She usually also has an image within her work that is black and white which is usually the focus of that piece and having no colour helps make it stand out.

For my own work I would like to use her way of leaving something colorless in my work because I like the effect it creates within her work so I’d like to try it out in something of my own.


 – Dragons Den Wales UEFA Champions Matchday Magazine – City Man Thinking – Spors Sport



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