Illustration Project Brief

For this project we’ve been asked to work as an illustrator or a graphic designer to visualize the lyrics of a song of our choice. We can do this either through multiple illustrations or through promotional or branding material. for inspiration we’ve been asked to initially use book illustrations, album covers, promotional music posters, music franchise, etc. We also need to get inspiration and ideas off of a range of illustrators and graphic designers. During the next few weeks we’ll be involved in tutor led workshops to develop skills  such as idea generation techniques, research & planning skills and we also gain a technical understanding of a range of processes including drawing, mark making, paper making, printmaking, hand drawn and digital typography

This project is working towards “unit 10-Characteristics and contexts in art & design” and once this project has been completed we will have completed unit 10 entirely. All the work needs to be completed by the 17/12/15

All of our work that we create needs to be up on our blogs before the deadline and this includes. We’ll need to post images of all practical work that we make along with annotation with the work. We also need to analysis all of our samples as well which need to be put on the blog.



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