Illustration examples

After looking through various examples of illustrations I found 25+ examples which I liked the most but out of those images that I, found these three images which I liked the most and decided to go into more detail about them.

The example below is one of my favorites because it stood out the most from the other examples and this is because of the way the illustrator uses perception, colours and lines. I’ve also got a song in mind all ready which I want to start off with and that will involve cars in the illustrations so this example is really useful for me. Everything excluding the sports cars, has a simplistic effect, this makes the sports cars stand out more because they have more detail. I also like how the illustrator uses the thick lines in the foreground which represent the road, the cliff and the grass well as they give off that feeling of acceleration and speed.5c36b322eb89c5ed1bddb8d257bfb5ba

the image below is one of my favorites from the ones I selected because of the colours he has used and the way he has composed all the different elements and shapes.  I like how the illustrator uses the black, reds and whites to create quite a sinister sunset and how he then uses the colours and images to emphasize the red planet in the middle. The swirly circle in the background also adds to the composition but it doesn’t really add any emphasis to the planet but it does make the image more interesting. I also like how the illustrator only used have an image to put behind the planet  which I think is of a volcanic eruption. I like that because it means the planet is a lot more bolder because that half of the planet works a lot more better with the sunsetting background then with the volcanic image.0bf774366b202c56dc7657aaee7a961aNow the illustration below is properly the most interesting out of these three images in my opinion because of how the illustrator has created these multiple layers using different sheets of coloured and white card. The illustrator as cut into the card and then rotated the card in such a way that it creates a natural shadow effect which makes the whole piece come to life. The illustrator also uses very few colours and the page isn’t very busy so it has a nice flow. There are small animals, rivers and trees within the illustration which makes the mountains seem a lot bigger.

I find this method of paper cutting really interesting and I’d like to use it in this project but I feel it’d be difficult to incorporate this style into what I want because the illustrations and drawings that I want to make are going to be more complicated.54cc87057c5791bda3e6c7e1ddcfce2a



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