For the Maquette designs I made two of them, the first was a simple and small net that I simple copied out just so I could see how the design would look. The design looked pretty good to me so I decided to go ahead and make a much larger one that I used a A2 piece of card to make. I stuck to a 1:2 scale when I made this model so everything is in proportion. To make the net I simply used a ruler, pencil and a protractor. After I had cut the  net out and made the octagonal prism I printed out multiple sheets of a repeat pattern I had previously made and covered the maquette with the pattern.

Overall I’m quite happy with the design but I could of made the design far more accurate because the actual design would of had windows on each of the sides which would have been glass or plastic doors. But the scale was too small to cut out the windows because there wasn’t enough space to do something like that. So if I was to re-create the maquette I’d use a 1:1 scale so there is enough space and cut out the windows to make the maquette more accurate. I would also paint the maquette instead of using a repeat pattern because I want to design to be  a block or multiple shades of a colour, but just something more simple.



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