Design Ideas

For the design process I came up with four design ideas, two of them are very simple and two of them are a bit more interesting. After I came up with the four designs I then  asked for criticism and feedback off several friends. I’ve now taken their suggestions into consideration and I know now which design I’m going to use for the final piece.

The first design in the image below is very simple because it is simple a cube that has a door that opens outwards by using folds. The box will only hold one or two plums and it has a window on one of the sides so the inside is viewable. the main shell will be made out off a thin wood or a thick card. I also want to make the main case a purple colour similar to a plum and to have the word “plum” on the side in a flowing font. From the criticism I learnt that I should come up with a more interesting way for the box to open, for example four panels opening out of the top instead of just one door on the side. I was also told that if I’m going to use a fancy font for the writing then the cube should have a more detailed and fancier pattern or style such as a wooden pattern to make it look authentic.

In the second design that Is in the image below I created another simple design which Is essentially a cylinder that has a lid on the top that also uses a hinge. like the previous design this design also has a window but it holds 4-6 plums which all stack on top of each other. The window will be made out of a translucent plastic which has a tint of purple while the has will be made out of preferably, a thick card which will probably either have a purple design to it as well or it’ll have one of my repeat patterns on it. During the criticism I was advised that i should try and make the cylinder more plum shaped so I’m thinking of taking a plums shape and then stretching to make it a cylinder. They also said that instead of having the lid on the top i could have the product horizontal so one of the sides would have to be flat and then have the window as the lid so the whole plastic/glass window will pull outwards from the top or bottom or one of the sides by using hinges, so it would basically be a pod but I really liked this idea.

photo 1 (2)

The first design that is in the image below i used a design that I had already mentioned before, but its basically a big glass plum that has a vacuum sealed lid that can be pulled of like a cookie jar. the product can hold anywhere from 10 plums to 50 depending on how big i decided to make it. the whole plum will be a thick translucent glass that will have a tint of purple to make it look more like a plum.

photo 2 (2)



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