Orthographic drawings

A Orthographic drawing is a layout of a product that shows a front view, Birdseye view and a profile view of the product. These diagrams also have all the measurements of everything that is on the diagram. The drawing should also have a perspective drawing so that the manufacturers know what the final outcome should look like. There should also be some information on the sheet which includes a title, name, date and ratio/scale. Orthographic drawings are made by the designers and are made for the manufacturers so that the manufacturers know all the measurements, angles and ratios for everything for the product.

A lot of everyday objects will of had a Orthographic drawing for them before the manufacturers make them. For example, any object that was mass produced such as any furniture, cars, electrical devices (e.g. phones, printers, microwaves) will have a orthographic drawing for them. These orthographic drawings won’t be made until the end of a project because it is the last thing that needs to be made. The drawings can’t be made until all designs have been verified and the client is happy with the design that the designer has made and all finalization’s are made, and only then can a Orthographic drawing can be made. Also to make a orthographic drawing the designer needs to have a understanding of how Illustrator works and how to used it in order to make their own orthographic drawings.

For our lesson we were asked to create a orthographic drawing of the object that we were all set. First we collected our data by measuring all the sides of the object and anything else on the object that needed measuring as well, such as the diameter of the Circle. We then used illustrator to make the orthographic drawing by mostly using the shape tools and plugging in the measurements for those shapes. After we had all the viewpoints done we then used red lines and arrows to show the measurements on the drawing and then labeling them with there measurement. I thought that creating the orthographic drawings would be boring but I actually enjoyed it because the end drawing looked good, neat and tidy. Although there could have been some improvements, for example All the arrows aren’t the same size so that could be altered and all the measurements aren’t central on their lines so that could also be fixed. Apart from that, I’m happy with the outcome of my orthographic drawing and I’d be comfortable making another one on my own showing of my own designs.




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