Product rendering

For this activity we were asked to use our perspective drawings to create our first rendering drawings. I produced several rendered drawings, one on illustrator and 3 using a mixture of pens such as graphic pens and fine liners. I made the rendering drawings mainly with graphic pens because I really like the way how even if you overlap the same spot several times, the whole area will still be one shade so they create a smooth block of colour. I also used fine liners and black colouring pencils once which I also liked the look off when combined with everything else.

For the rendered image below I used illustrator to create it by using the image trace tool to separate the different sections easily so i could give each section a different colour. This method was probably the quickest way and the easiest way to change the colours of the drawing but all the effects that you get with actually drawing it by hand are lost. What I do like about it though is how simple it looks which can be all it needs to be.

I used purple colours because I was trying to get across the feel of a plum which I think it did well as they represent a plum well but there is no texture in this example which I think makes it a bit boring, so I could of added a background layer that I could have used as a texture layer which could of been something like a plum but magnified to give the feel of the fruit.

packaging colours

The image below is of the first rendered drawing I did by hand, which turned out better than I thought it would have. I used mostly graphic pens for this drawing as I have never used them before so I wanted to try them out as much as I could. I used mostly dark colours on the inside to make it look darker than the outside and i did the same for the right side of the package so that there is more emphasis on the front of the package. I tried to create a reflection effect on the front of the package by leaving a white stripe down the middle of it and i little white mark on the right side of the package which I think made it look better as it made it more interesting and gave it a new look. I also drew a box behind the package that I filled in with a hatched lines using black and blue pens.

photo 3 (1)

For the design below I tried to draw a tidy design that was smooth and had a flow to it. I used orange graphic pens and fine liners along with some darker pens to draw inside the box. With all of my designs I have tried to communicate a shiny effect onto the design by leaving a white space between the blocks of colours. The colours that I used defiantly made the design stand out by being bright but by making the inside of the box dark, it made the outside design stand out more by giving it more emphasis which was what I wanted. For the background I used the same colours as on the box but I used a thick fine liner to make it bolder and more comical. I like the design but it could be a lot better as I don’t like how I attempted to make a shiny effect on the front of the design because it doesn’t look neat or metallic which I could of improved by using other metallic colours such as light greys to give it that metallic look.

photo 2 (1)

For this design below I used a purple graphic pen, a blue graphic pen, a purple fine liner and a black colouring pencil. As in all the other designs I tried to give the design a shiny effect by leaving a white space on it and in this case I left the whole right side exposed. For the previous two designs I did the inside of the box dark and bleak but instead I used the same purple colour that I used for the rest of the design on the inside as well to see if it would create a nicer effect or not, and I actually like how it turned out because it made the whole design feel brighter and smoother. For the front of the design I used a blue and purple graphics pen on the same space which made a nice blend of colours, and then I used a fine liner to fade it into the total white space. Fort the right hand side of the design I used a black pencil with a hatched effect to create a more shaded effect which turned out well but to improve it I would have made it darker.

photo 1 (1)



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