Perspective Drawing

For this activity we were asked to create a 3D, perspective drawing of an object that we were shown in the class which is also in the image below. We were asked to do this by using perspective drawings which used two vanishing points and a horizon line which was roughly a third of the way down a horizontal, A3 page. The horizon line is used to symbolize eye height and all vertical lines have to be 90 degrees from this line. Also, all diagonal lines that we make must all lead back to or directly away from one of the vanishing points. We started of by making the horizontal line and the vanishing points. Then we made four lines using the vanishing points that were used to make up the base edges and corners. Where the lines crossed were where the corners were. then we made the cube which the triangular prism could go into by making 4 vertical lines which came from each of the four corners which we just made. We then used the vanishing points to create the lines for the top of the cube. We then used the corners of the square on the side of the cube to create a middle point which we could then use to make the triangle. Once we had the triangle on one side we could then use the vanishing points to find where the triangle would be on the other side. We now had the triangular prism and so we then finished by making the handle and the circle which we made by using lines from the vanishing point and by free hand.


photo 1

Using this method creates a 3D effect by using fields of depth, which can be used to put a product into a realistic viewpoint. I like the outcome of my drawing and I enjoy using this method of drawing because it helps make really accurate drawings which look good. I enjoyed learning how to make these drawings which was a little bit complicated, but once I had learnt how to use the method it became quite simple and easy and i’m definitely comfortable with using this method to make perspective drawings on my own product ideas. The only part which I had difficulty with was the part where we had to draw the circle from free hand with assistance from the lines that we had made. I also didn’t like how the circle ended up because it ended being out of proportion as you can see in the bottom image. I could improve this by making the circle a lot shorter so that its proportionally correct. I could also improve the handle as well because I feel the edges of the handle are too close to the edges of the product. So to improve the handle, I’d make the handle smaller and move it downwards a little bit.

photo 3photo 2



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