Designs and Criticism

For this lesson we were asked to come up with several designs in preparation for the lesson. I came up with 5 designs but there are only three of them that I actually liked and I am considering taking further. We were then asked to present our favorite idea to three people that our from our class and then take in any suggestions and criticism that they gave us. We then do the same for them.

photo 4 photo 3 (1)

I presented the design that Is in the image below. The idea was that I’d create a long octagonal prism that had individual prisms for each of the sides on the prism apart from the two end edges. each chamber will be long enough to hold five to eight plums which is roughly a foot long. Each segment will have two sliding doors which can slide behind and in front of each other. Each door also has there own window that’d either be made out of thick glass so it doesn’t break or transparent  plastic which closely represents glass. The whole thing will be held up by a frame that can allow the whole prism to rotate with ease so once a chamber has been emptied, the next one can be easily rotated to. From the group I learnt that if this is going to be a product that you have in your house then it needs to some kind of cooling element otherwise the plums will go moldy. So I either need to make this as a product that is used in the supermarket itself or downscale it so it doesn’t hold so many plums or implement a cooling unit. I like the cooling unit idea because there is a huge space in the middle at the moment so it could go there otherwise that space is going to waste. For the texture and look of the product I was planning on making the main shell out of wood, but I want it to look dark and contrasted.

What I didn’t like, and the rest of the group didn’t like about the design was that the design didn’t represent a plum at all. So the group suggested making the product rounder and maybe even in the shape of the plum which I like the sound of but I’d need to ditch the sliding doors and probably use doors that use hinges instead that open outwards.


One class mate came up with the idea of a box which opens up straight down the middle. When it opens, an platform is pushed upwards into clear view with the fennel (students chosen vegetable) on the platform. On the box is a fancy design that has a clean font of the word fennel which would also be the logo. What I didn’t like was that the whole thing was too much just for one fennel so I suggested having 3-5 fennel’s on the platform to make it seem more worth while. Apart from that I really liked the product especially the designs on the box but I also suggested making the corners flatter so that when its open it doesn’t have any problems 3photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)  photo 1



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