3D models

For this workshop we were given a wide selection of 3D shape nets that varied from simple cuboids to spheres made up of isosceles triangles. I chose to do several shapes but only a few of them would be practical as an actual product because their shape had little volume or the shape was too obscure to fit a fruit within it. For example. The hexagonal pyramid is a shape that I could use but I feel its just to impractical of a shape to fit a plum inside it because its too narrow at the top. But I could use it as an opening mechanism, I could have the plum at the base and each face could be peel able or all the faces could unfold in sync, revealing the plum.

photoThe 3D isosceles triangle sphere (cant remember its name) could be used on a small scale for one plum, but again, I just don’t like using this shape just for one plum. I could use it on a larger scale for multiple plums. Behind each of the triangle faces could be a chamber or a segment inside it which could hold the plum or plums. Or I could do a similar thing put instead of opening each chamber, each chamber could be removable. So you can just take a segment out of the sphere.

photo 1Now I like the hexagonal prism shape that is below because its a simple shape and its even simpler to place fruit within it. For example I could use it as a tube and have several plums stacked onto of each other while one of the end faces is the lid. Or I could shorten the shape significantly and then just use it for one plum and then I could use any of the faces as the lid or I could use all of them. I could also use the same idea from the isosceles shape by creating separate segments behind each face apart from the two ends, so i’d basically have six chambers that you can open up to reveal a tray of plums which I like the idea of.

photo 2

In the final Image shape, I tried out the repeat pattern on the shape that I made in a previous workshop. I didn’t do a blog post on this repeat pattern but I used the same methods that I listed in the previous post but I used more realistic colours and then gave the pattern a wooden background to try and make the test product look more like what I want the final product to look like. I wish I had used a better background for the wood because I want a more old and worn look for the wood but I’m quite happy with how it looked. I also need to alter the pattern a little bit when I come to do the final design because I don’t want the plums that are on the pattern to be in completely random places on the product.photo 3Untitled-3photo 4



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