Repeat Patetrns

For this workshop we were asked to take our fruit and then manipulate its shape and colours to create a repeat pattern. We were taught how to do this through illustrator and by using multiple tools which i’m going though in this blog post.

  • First we created a new file that was 10cm by 10cm and then placed the image that we were using, into the file.
  • We then used the magnetic lasso tool which will find and stick to edges of the image which then lets you to cut out that section. once we had selected our area, we were then able to cut it out and turn it into its own layer
  • We them duplicated that layer so that we had multiple layers to play with and to make the final repeat pattern more interesting.
  • After that we could then take the layers and edit them in any way, such as changing there opacity, shape, size and colours. We could change the colours by going to image>adjustments>Colour balance. I also used the Posterize a bit in my design because in my opinion it created a cool effect.
  • We then turned it into a repeat pattern by going through this process: Edit>Fill>next to the option Use: Colour and choose the colour
  • Then Layer>Flatten Image This step means the layers can not be moved or altered unless you undo the “flatten image process”
  • Next Filter>Other>Offset Once that was done we then dragged the sliders so that all corners of the page had something evenly in them.
  • Then we filled in the space that was in the middle with something else related to what we had already done. After that we then flattened the image again so everything was whole.
  • To create the pattern we then did this process: Edit> Define Pattern> gave it a name and then clicked okay
  • New> Preset: International paper> size: A3 ensuring that it is at 300 DPI and RGB colour
  • Edit> Fill> Use: Pattern> click the custom pattern button and then find our pattern that we had just made.
  • Now the page filled up with our pattern and that’s how I created mine.
  • We then went onto pasting our patterns over different products but none of mine were successful.
  • plum  plum2 plum3 acid plums mental plums

My designs ended up being colorful because I used multiple plums when creating the pattern and I made each one have a different colour meaning there is a lot of variation in colours. To get these effects I simply played with the “hue” and saturation settings until I found a set of colours which I liked the look off. I then did this for all of them which was three separate plums/layers. I chose these colours because they stood out, they were bright and vibrant which is what I wanted the final pattern to look like. I also chose to do a purple background because I felt it added to the crazy look of the pattern. After I played with the colours I then Posterized each layer separately  because different levels of posterize worked better with different layers but in the end it left it with a nice effect. Overall I’m happy with this pattern but If i come to make a new one I’ll create one with more realistic colours so that I could put it onto a product.



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