Examples of Creative Packaging

The product below is a honey product that has been packaged in a unique way which really caught my eye. They used a thick glass to package the honey and then they used a wooden cork for the lid which made it look more organic rather than some sort of plastic lid. What makes this packaging unique and imaginative is the shape that the glass is moulded, because they’ve shaped the glass into honeycomb segments, which obviously references back to the honey and how it is made. But another thing that is really clever about the packaging is how the separate segments all link together when packaged together, which creates a honeycomb look. They link together like a jigsaw except but any pieces fit together so you can create these big honeycombs in any combination you’d like. what I also really liked about this product is that there are three different honeys which all have very different shades and colours which are: a yellow honey with a tint of orange, an orange one and a darkish brown honey. So when all these colours are combined into one honeycomb they create nice patterns which look amazing and thats what I really like about this product. Another characteristic about this product that I like is that the product is translucent, letting light pass through to light up the honey making the product far more attractive and more appetizing. They also used a thin black piece of tape to hold the lid and the glass sealed shut which has the words “made by bees” on it which I think looks really nice on the product because its so simple and it doesn’t ruin the simplicity of the whole product. They also used a white text near the bottom which says “Honey, wildflower” with the honey in a much bigger font making it stand out from the rest of the product but I really like how simple everything is about this product, for example, they could have used a more flowing and swirly font for the writing but they stuck with a simple block text which I prefer the look of because it makes it feel more modern and new.
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The product below is a pair of earphones that have been packaged to represent seeds that are sprouting or as small flowers, like snow drops. The packaging is made up of plastics and cardboard like most earphone packaging but this product doesn’t use unnecessary amounts of plastic like most products do which is something I already like about this product. Whats imaginative and interesting about this product though, is the way they have presented the product as a plant which I think is a weird thing to represent earphones as, as earphones don’t really have any correlation with plants or flowers in any way but the concept has worked well for this product. Because of the colours and the way they have positioned the earphones, the earphones do look a lot like snowdrops or a similar flower. They have used mostly white for the product and the packaging which is why I think they look like snow drops, but they have also cut an outline of the wires into the card revealing a green background which makes the wires look like stems of a flower which I really like. But I really don’t like the way they have done the plant pot that holds the rest of the product/wires. I don’t like it because of the colours that they chose do make the plant pot out of which is a black and a unusual turquoise colour which looks out of place because it doesn’t mix well with the whites and the green colours that the rest of the product is made from. If i was going to recreate it I’d make the plant pot lid either white, green (same as the stalks) or black so that it merges with one of the other elements of the product.

So cute and very creative. I love the way they made the earbuds and wire look like a flowers/plant. The colours work really well.:



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