Product Research

Today we all got the task of going out around kendal and finding as many examples of good packaging that we could use for inspiration and ideas.

The two images below are two products from “j-me” which I thought used their product very well with their packaging. The product is basically holders for different bathroom and every day house objects but these two holders are for toothbrushes and toothpaste. The packaging is a simple cardboard background for the product but it’s the way they have done the design on the packaging that makes it smart. For the toothbrush holder they used the background to show how it’d look so they have a toothbrush on the cardboard making it look like it’s coming out of the holder which is the same thing they did for the second one but this time with toothpaste. But the tooth brush holder is in the shape of a dinosaur, without the head, which is what the toothbrush would represent. The colours that they used for the packaging is also really simple because they used only a few colours which are used for very simple designs as well. The colours are also very nice and happy colours which makes the product more appealing and eye catching. For this product I wouldn’t change anything but for my own design I don’t think this kind of idea would work for my product because it’s a plum so unless I change what we’re selling it for then it’d be difficult to use this kind of packaging. Although I don’t have to use the concept, but just the style of the packaging with its simple colours and designs.

photo 1 (1) photo 3 (1)photo 2 (1)

For the product below Its more about the product then the actual packaging but the packaging is a good example. The product is a pair of earbuds which can be used on the zip of anything which I think is a nice concept. For the packaging its a typical, cuboid, plastic packaging for the earbuds but the bit that is interesting is the cardboard that they used on the lower half of the package. They’ve used the cardboard to create a zip that is unzipping as if to reveal the product. I do like this idea but the packaging could be a bit less tacky, for example less plastic could’ve been used and instead a cardboard could’ve been used as the background which I would’ve prefered. But in general its a good product and the packing has been well don’t but there are few ways I could use this design for my plum. I could have a plum being split open to reveal the actual plum but that just sounds like a bad idea in general.

photo 4 photo 1

The product below I really liked because it really stood out to me. It didn’t use a smart or design to use the product as a packing illusion but the design that they used for the packaging was well done. The product is walking boots and different hiking and mountaineering footwear and the packaging is a simple design but it’s the way it looks against the background that I really liked. The packaging is made out of typical shoe box cardboard. The design on is a mountain with several hikers on it but the mountain is a black while the hikers are all really vibrant colours making them stand out from the mountain. The background is a clear white background and so the contrast between the mountain and the background is big making the black mountain stand out as well.

photo 2 photo 3



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