Design Ideas

Today we were asked to create several rough desing ideas in our sketch book over 10 minutes. At the end of the ten minutes we then chose our favorite idea and then went into more detail about it and to draw out the design in more detail on a A2 piece of paper. After we had spent some time on the designs we then swapped our designs twice with our classmates and then went over their designs with tracing paper and then altered the designs in a way that we thought would make them better.

I liked my design but I do like some of the suggestions that I was given. For my idea I wanted to create a big, translucent, glass plum that would have a lid at the top and all the plums would be inside it. My class mates came up with several ideas which included making a weaved basket and then cutting the word “plum” out of it, another idea was to make a wooden crate which I could then cover in designs. They also came up with the idea to create a card board casing for singular plum but it’d be hexagonal. there was another design which I didn’t entirely understand which was to create a plastic box but I didn’t understand the rest.

I really liked these ideas, especially the crate idea and the wicker basket one. I might consider changing my plans to one of these designs but i’m not entirely sure yet because i’m not sure the idea will be as good unless I actually made the product. If I can make it look amazing just through drawings and samples then I’ll probably try the crate idea out because I feel it’ll have a lot of potential. Overall I found this exercise very beneficial and it taught me that getting a different perspective on a problem can be helpful.

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)



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