Crate idea expanded

This idea was given to me during the last workshop/session where other students adapted on our ideas and one of them for mine was to create a crate to have the plums in which I really liked the sound of. What I like about this idea is that the idea of having a wooden crate just really suits plums. I’m thinking on having a crate, but not as big as the one in the sketch because that would just be impractical so I want to create something similar to a shoe box kind of size so that it be a lot more practical. I want the crate to look like a crate that looks really rough and old looking like the one in the second image below. I then thinking of making the inside all full plums that have been cushioned by hay or straw or something to represent that old time feeling. Or I could have all the plums stored in multiple glass jars like in the last two images. I also want to have the word “plums” or a logo cut out of the side of the crate either on one side or all sides so the plums or plum jars are visible and I might also fill those cut outs with glass, tinted with purple plum colour.

photo (1)



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