Plum mindmap

Today we were given the fruit that we are going to do our product design project on. I was given a plum which I was disappointed about because I feel it’s quite a boring fruit to create a packaging for. Anyway it turned out to be not as boring as I thought it’d be.

On the mindmap I basically sum up the characteristics of the plum I was given. The basics on the outside were that It was glossy/shiny, a very dark purple, silky smooth, spherical and light. On the inside It is juicy, it had bright vibrant colours which were orange and yellow and a little bit of red directly underneath the skin and the texture on the inside was like a wet sponge.

I think when it comes to the design on the packaging that I create, I thinking on doing a side profile of the plum focusing on the purple colour of the skin the orange and yellow colours of the middle and then a hollowed out middle.DSC_0267 DSC_0270 DSC_4811 DSC_4814photo



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