Apples and Pears Introduction

For this project we’ll be working as a product designer to create an imaginative packaging solution for a fruit or vegetable, depending on what we are given. Initially we’ll have to analyse our piece of fruit or vegetable and then we’ll move onto research on materials, techniques, designers and their designs which will help us make our own ideas for our product. Over the next 5 weeks we’ve been asked to keep up to date with our blogs and to create at least 10-20 drawings, sketches and maquettes. We will be taught multiple skills including technical drawings, developing ideas generation techniques, research and planning skills, design drawings, surface pattern, paper, foam and wood model making. We’ll be expected to use those skills listed throughout the project within our samples, designs and final piece.  For this project, we are only working towards unit 10 but we won’t be finishing this unit until we have finished the following project. The project has to be completed by 18/11/15. All work that we create has to be blogged, including sketches, any ideas and mind maps, the design process, workshops, and final outcomes.



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