Stencils and Laser Cutting

For the Final piece I decided to create 4 photograms based on four animals. I chose to do a squirrel, moose, wolf and a bear but for the bear I wanted to do something different with the paws shape so I used one of the drawings from the previous post “Sample Drawings and Test Photograms

To make these stencils I used a laser cutter and illustrator to make them. I put the image of the paw print that I wanted, into illustrator and used the “image trace” tool to get an outline of the print into individual paths. I then expanded the file and then ungrouped everything. But when I ungrouped everything it creates two paths of everything so I had to go through all the paths and delete one set of paths so that when it came to using the laser cutter, it wouldn’t go over everything twice and instead just do it once which is all that is needed.

The first set of images below are of the paw prints in digital version which I made stencils from. The next set of images are the outcomes of the paw prints after they’d been cut out. I chose to use card for these stencils so that no light would be able to get through onto the paper where it shouldn’t but I didn’t use very thick card so my only worry is that some light will still shine through onto the light sensitive paper. Another thing that I would’ve like to do would of been to do all the paw prints but instead I would of liked to give the paws a pattern and just a bit more character like in the fourth stencil and drawing.

Untitled-8    Untitled-6 Untitled-7 Untitled-4LCPaw3LCpaw2LCpaw4LCpaw1



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