Sample Drawings and Test Photograms

In preparation for the final pieces I tried creating a new way to present the paws. I drew the paws in different ways using a light board and the original wolf paw print. I put the original paw print (first image) on the light board and then put another paper sheet over the top so that I could trace samples in the correct proportions. I used a thick board pen, a sharpie and a fine liner to create the three drawings that are below.

The first image, I used a 0.8 fineliner to create thin lines and cross hatched to create quite a dense paw print which clearly showed the shape of the paw but when i photographed it and then placed it in illustrator to image trace it, the image trace couldn’t pick up all the lines and it merged sections together to create a black and white mess which looked awful so i chose not to use it as a final sample stencil.

the second drawing i used a sharpie and used a lot of pressure to create thick lines and I also left a small gap in between each line so that it’d look a lot thicker then if i left big gaps and it might of lost some detail. I didn’t chose to use this stencil because when I image traced it on photoshop it did the same thing as the previous sample which was that it all merged together so it was unusable because it looked nothing like a paw print.

For the third drawing I used a whiteboard pen which has a really thick line if used at the right angle so I was able to create the thick lines that you can see in the image below. From all the drawings that I did this was the only one I used because this when it was in stencil form, the paw was big enough and there was enough space in it for the image that would be behind it to be seen.


photo 1 (5)Paw Drawing 1 photo 2 (5)PHG samp 1

I also did some test photograms of a new background idea. I chose to change from just doing a landscape background, to doing a background that had the animal in it that was also had the paw print. The outcome of this experiment was better then the landscape background but I took the photogram out of the developer too early so it didn’t show up as dark as it should of been. I’m also thinking on scrapping this idea for a background and just doing the animals face as the background.

PHG samp 2 PHGsamp 3



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