Photograms samples Pt2 Landscapes

For these samples I experimented to find a way to create the background for the paw print. I used a simple photo of a mountain and a river that I found, then printed it out and used it over the top of the light sensitive paper. First I experimented with different amounts of time over the paper which you can see the outcome of in the first photo. I found that between 4-5 seconds is the best time to use so for the next sample I used 4.5 seconds but i didn’t put a sheet of glass over the top which would’ve kept the image closer to the light sensitive paper. Because of this, the image was slightly above the paper below so the photogram turned out very blurry which you can see in the second image. For the third sample I did the same as the second one but this time I put the glass sheet on it, but the difference between the two samples is huge.

These samples were A5 size so next I want onto A4 as a final sample piece. To make the photogram more smooth I cut the stencil out with a stanley knife instead of scissors but the outline was still quite rough and messy if you looked at it closely. I Reprinted the background image in 3D which you can see in the fourth image below. The outcome of this sample was good but I’m still not a 100% happy with the background image or the stencil cutout. For future samples and for the final pieces I might use a laser cutter to cut the the stencils out because then the stencils will be perfect shapes. For the background I’m going to try and find a thinner type of paper to print the image onto so that when I come to do the photogram with it, it’ll be more clear and more detailed. I also might try and make the white, negative space more interesting by using oils and chemicals on it to create a chemigram, like Pierre Cordier’s chemigrams. Another idea that i’m going to experiment with tomorrow is that I’m thinking on peeling away all the white negative space that is left on the photogram and then carrying on the background with watercolours so that it’s aligned with the same background that is on the footprint.

For my final piece I’m thinking of creating five or four A5 or A4 photograms of footprints like the one below. I’m thinking on doing a wolf, bear, elk/deer and a gorilla/ape footprints for the final piece and then lining them all next to each other in one long showcase.

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (3)photo 3 (2)photo 3 (3)photo 2 (4)photo 1 (4)



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