Drawings for Photogram samples

These drawings are based on the pictures that I took previously from a previous post. I did these drawings because for when I’m able to do some photograms, I’ll have a reference sketches to work from or i might cut these drawings out and use these on the photograms instead. I took the foot prints of animals that I researched at the Kendal museum and drew the outlines of the ones that I thought would be good to use as a sample photogram. I drew two wolf paw prints, two penguin footprints and one bear print. I choose to only draw these prints because they are the only ones that are big enough to get a decent drawing or pattern in side of the print. I could just enlarge the foot prints size for the smaller ones but I’m limited to what size I can go. My Idea was that I could have the footprint on the sensitive paper but i could then draw/collage an image just onto the footprint so it would create something like a double exposure effect. As for what the image that I but on the footprint, I was thinking that I’d draw the animal’s habitat, so if it was a penguin I’d do an image of antarctic or if it was a wolf I’d do a tundra landscape.

When it comes to doing the drawing onto the light sensitive paper I’m going to draw it with fine liner first because I feel this will look the best but it doesn’t implement any of the workshops that we’ve done over the past three weeks so I’m going to try doing some of the footprints using the print making methods which i talked about in “Print making workshop Pt2“.

IMG_1846[1]IMG_1844[1] IMG_1842[1] IMG_1843[1]  IMG_1845[1]



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