Workshop, Stitching and Sewing

For this workshop we were given our sample pieces from last week that I posted in a blog post labelled “print workshop and anselm kiefer”.  In that workshop we created several sample pieces where we created different textures and patterns using different materials. With those samples we used stitching methods, sewing machines, threads, yarns, pieces of cloth and different other materials to create a new sample. We were also given pictures that were from the Kendal museum and we had to try and recreate these images using the past samples and sewing materials.

In the workshop I tried to represent a shell and a parrot with my past samples and the sewing materials. The first one, which is the one of the shell, was very difficult to do because of how the shells lines so it was hard to replicate the shells exact look. The sample that I used for this one was made by using a piece of fabric in a rusty paint and then printed if onto the fabric. I then tried to stitch the shells basic outline using a red and cream yarn to replicate the shells colours and lines but it ended up looking nothing like what it was supposed to be. This is because the shell mainly confused if a creamy white colour while my sample was mostly a brick red colour, so in future I need to spend more time on it if I want it to look accurate and I need to use either a sowing machine to Create more lines faster.

The main focus of these samples was defiantly the colour aspect because when I was choosing which materials and what thread I needed it all came down to its colour and whether it would work well in the sample and whether it would represent what I was trying to represent well based on its colour. First I had to choose the right piece of fabric from my past samples to do the sample on. I chose to do it on a Red and yellow inked fabric because it worked well with the parrots colours because yellow and red work well together. when I was choosing the colours of the threads and yarn I wanted to use a colour that would work either look normal against its fabric background or if it would blend in with it instead. Line in these samples was mostly focused around the edges of the fabric and the lines that the threads and yarns made. When creating the lines with the thread I wanted some of them to be clear so I’d use white thread mostly because it stood out against the red and black fabric but in the end I didn’t like the way it looked because it somehow made the fabric look more messy and out of place.

Overall I liked doing these two samples but I needed more time to get any more done at a decent quality so I’ll have to come back to these samples at a later date as I’m currently going through the process of doing my final piece for the “close up” project.

IMG_1791[1] IMG_1788[1] IMG_1786[1] IMG_1787[1]



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