First reference images for prints

Today I went to the Kendal museum to find different animal’s footprints I could use for some sample photograms. I want to use tape, that I’ve cut the shapes of animals footprints into, on light sensitive paper to create photograms of there footprints. Later on i’m thinking of cutting different patterns into the tape to create different patterns and effects or maybe cut drawings into the foorprints. These drawings could be something like the animal of the foorprint or the landscape of where that animal is from, so say the foot print is of a wolf then the drawing could be of a tundra/mountains landscape. The photos below are of some of the animals that i took pictures of in the museum and their corresponding foot prints. most of the footprints look interesting enough to do a photogram of, but the foot/claw print of the eagle and the dodo are too boring to do a photogram of because its a very thin shape meaning it’ll be hard to a pattern within the tape of there won’t be much space to do a pattern. The most interesting looking footprint is the Koala’s print because it has such a random print shape and the main part of the paw is big enough to do an interesting pattern so this footprint will be one of the prints that i do a photogram of. IMG_1804[1] IMG_1806[1]IMG_1812[1] IMG_1792[1] IMG_1796[1] IMG_1813[1] IMG_1809[1]



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