Close-up Project Proposal

The subject of my close-up project will be based around foot prints of the different animals in the Kendal museum and I intend to be using a photogram technique to create the final piece. This will also help me understand photograms and the whole process more because I’ll be trying out different types of paper, card and other materials to get the perfect effects which I want. In the end I think I’ll have roughly five photo grams of different animals footprints that will have some sort of design or image within the paw, such as a landscape like a mountain range, a forest, jungle, tundra, dessert, Antarctica etc.

For research I’ll I want to be looking at people who have worked with photograms before and maybe some photographers who have used double-exposure before because that’s ¬†essentially what I’ll be doing so they’d be good artists for me to get inspiration off of.

Once the final piece is done I’ll know that its successful if I get positive feed back from my class mates and whether I like it or not. I’ll like it if everything is smooth on it like all the edges, if the image isn’t blurry or if there are no other mistakes like it being wonky or light has passed through where it shouldn’t have.



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