Textures Workshop

For this workshop we were asked to create six small samples. Along with the samples we were given 6 photos of different objects, materials and animals which we were asked to recreate the texture of. S if the picture was of a feather, we would try to create a smooth texture. to create these textures we were given inks, paints, charcoal, pastels PVA glue as materials to put onto the samples. The tools we were given consisted of, paint brushes (scaling in different sizes), pallet knifes, straws, sponges and countless other tools.

First we would put a layer of PVA glue down and form it in such away so felt like it has the same texture as the object in the picture we were replicating, and then we’d use whichever tools and materials that were available to make finish of the samples.

Obviously texture was the main point of this workshop but Line was interesting as well but colour wasn’t that important. Line was interesting because when we added materials and colour to the samples then you started to get a range of different effects, For example in the third sample I simply painted the the main black lines on and then used the end of a straw to dap on small black paint circles and the lines on this sample are clearly there and curved but they fade away in some places. In the fourth sample flicked black ink onto the page and then blew on the ink pools so that the ink would run off in different directions to create several lines. I then used the end of a paintbrush and ran it through the ink lines to create the lines which are a lot less defined and unclear as the ones in the previous sample.

Colour wasn’t a major part of this workshop because the main aspect was texture then line. The samples could of been done in black and we’d still be able to get a feel of the textures and lines but colour makes the samples far more interesting and in some samples the colours amplify the textures more like in the fifth sample where the base layer is a bluey gray mixed with black and the lines are outlined in white so when i scraped into the paint it revealed the darker colours underneath making the textures clearer.

I did like the workshop but I don’t intend on using these methods within my final work because for my final work I want to use printing methods along with chemigrams and so I want be needing the techniques that I learnt in this workshop. But overall i did like the process and technique because it was interesting to discover new ways of making some weird textures and patterns.

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1



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