Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones is an artist who works in painting, installation, book arts and mostly print-making. Her prints are a mixture of collagraph, intaglio, aquatint and block prints with translucent gradations which are meant to represent atmosphere and light.

“Katherine Jones’s work follows today’s sensitivity towards issues of protection and security using a recurring house shape, subverted structurally and contextually to simultaneously imply nurture, protection, security and suffocation. Her interest in the disparity between different versions of ancient stories, where repetition and imperfect reproduction has confused the original message also plays a primary role in the work’s conception.”

Her Prints are usually made up of black, grays, white and a few other whitewashed colours but then there is usually a one object or building that is lit up with a bright colour which looks as if it’s glowing from the inside. the setting is also set usually within a forest or around trees while either at sunset or sunrise because the sky usually has an orange glow to it which i can only assume is one of the two.

For the three pieces below, she used block printing and collagraph to make these prints which was similar to what we did in our workshop where we used parcel tape masking tape and normal card to make prints that have a similar look to the prints that Katherine Jones made.

In Katherine jones’s work, it looks like she uses about 5 layers like in the first image on this post of her work, the trees and the black grass in the bottom corner could be one layer, the orange sky might be a layer, the black and white mess that could represent a rocky hill in the background could be two layers and the white tower in the middle could be the final layer. But in the next image of her work that’s on this post, it looks like there could be a lot more layers because the landscapes seems to be more complicated. For example, the sky in the background is one layer, the hill just in front of the sky could be two layers because there are two colours involved in it so either she used a tool something like a sponge mixed with grays and white to create the hill or she used separate layers to create it. The icy field behind the hut like building look like it was made up of two layers as well, and this is because the field has  white gashes running through the field so either they are two separate layers, or the background is that gray tone and the white gashes have only been worked into the background layer. Then the hut itself looks like its made up of about 4 layers because the blue lines are one, the blue shapes and another, the bright yellow shapes are one and the background around the yellow shapes could be one more as well making this piece a lot more complicated to make.

the main formal elements that her work i based around are Line, colour and composition. Line because she uses different kinds of techniques when creating the layers which make different kinds of lines. the main focus of the image is usually made up of fine, thin and clear lines while the background is usually made up of shapes which have very unclear paths put they are still sharp while there are sometimes some thin, sharp and long lines that run across the page.

Composition is important in her work as well, as without the thought process of where every thing is going to go and where each layer belongs and where and which ones belong on top of who. Without that then her work won’t have been as successful.

Colour is also important in this work because she has a very few colours in her work and she has used them very well to create these amazing landscapes and prints. But this is because where ever she uses these colours, that thing will then be emphasized, resulting it in being the focus of the print. So in the second image on this post, its clear that the house is the focus because its the only thing in the print that is colored. Although, sometimes it can be the opposite way round with her work, meaning that she could have the whole print in colour apart from one object which would still leave that one object in focus because it’ll be different and stand out from the rest of the print. An example of this can be seen in the image directly below.

Overall her work is really interesting, especially the whole process she went through to create these prints but I didn’t enjoy trying to create prints in a similar manner because it was a lot of time and fiddling trying to make intricate lines to have an outcome that wasn’t that good or interesting at all.





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