Print making workshop Pt2

For this workshop we learnt how to create a print by carving into different tapes and then creating different layers to make one final print.

First we created a sample piece to test out the different methods, such as using masking tape. When the masking tape was smothered in ink it would absorb some but not as much as the card so when it was printed it left a shade instead of a solid block of colour. we could also using normal tape which we could cover in ink but you could also clean it completely off the tape so where ever you left tape it’d leave it white when printed. The card absorbed the most ink so if you wanted a block of any colour it was best to just leave it blank. you could also go onto cutting lines into the tape so that when it was printed it would leave very fine lines once you’ve printed it.

First thing I did was create a background with normal tape and red ink so that it’d be block colours and no shades of colours. I did this because I wanted to create a very basic background so with a colour that isn’t very dominant, so i could use a black ink on a later layer so that it would stand out more. For the background layer i mostly made a stripy pattern to try and keep things basic so it wouldn’t merge with the other layer’s pattern. I then went onto the other layer which I used black for so that it would be bolder against the red which will put the black layer in front of the red layer when they are merged together. In the end i was trying to create a toucan which isn’t entirely obvious from the print but it was a good practice piece so that when I come to do more of these I’ll have a better understanding of what to do.

Nearly all the main formal elements are important to print making, Line is important because that is essentially what we were doing, we were cutting lines out of tape to create bigger and thicker lines. Colour was key because if it was all just black, grays and whites than the final print would barely make sense because all the layers that were involved in the final print will simply merge together unless there is a significant contrast in the shades of black. Shape is also important in this process because that is what we were building the layers out of. For example, in my print the background was made up of long rectangles and quadrilaterals, also the tape that i sued left the print with a lot of negative space which i liked the look of.

IMG_1738[1] IMG_1745[1]Click for Optionsphoto 4 (3)   IMG_1746[1]photo 1 (3)


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