Print Workshop and Aslem Kiefer

Today we had two workshops, one was on print making and using multiple prints to create one, and the other was about using different materials to make different shapes and patterns and textures. The nine images below are my Favorited ones that I made because they is something unique about each one and i simply find them interesting. This work shop was based on the Artist Aslem Kiefer and Jan Beany and Jean Littlejohn.

IMG_1762[1]for the image above I rolled up a piece of fabric, tied two elastic bands around each end of the fabric then dipped one end in red dye and the other end in yellow dye. I then unraveled the fabric and then sprayed it with water to make the inks run a merge together. I liked the outcome because it has a few elements to it such as the thick red patch where the ink was soaked up at, and the pink was the outcome of the ink being sprayed by the water. What i also like about it is that it looks like a sunset because of the way the colors merge from yellow to orange to red. What dislike about it though is that its can’t be linked to Aslem Kiefers work as he worked with more negative colors and paint instead of inks.

IMG_1761[1] IMG_1755[1]IMG_1770[1] The Three images above were results of me trying to create something similar to Aslem Kiefers work. I used excess paint to create a base layer which was a mixture of blue and yellow but i tried to not completely mix the two colors together because i wanted there to be visible steaks of yellow running through the blue paint which kind of worked but not as well as I hoped for it to work. I did three samples this way, with the first attempt I then added a big blob of a rusty orange paint that had been mixed with sand to give it some texture. I then used the end of a brush handle to push the paint around into a style that looked like a feather. I liked this one probably the most because it was the one that resembled Aslem Kiefers methods the most so it was more relevant but I don’t think it is the most exciting thing to look at. To me it reminds me of Autumn because to me it looks like a leave has died and is now floating on the surface of a cold and dirty pond which to me reminds me of Autumn.


IMG_1759[1] IMG_1760[1]

The four Images above are some of my favorites because the textures and patterns that are on there are quite interesting. For example the first of the four images was done by first sprinkling a lot of salt onto the paper and then putting big blobs of ink in the middle then letting it the ink run in, after all the ink had run off or dried up i’d then tap the card against the table so that all excess salt that was left over would come off just leaving the slat that soaked up a significant amount of ink behind. I liked the outcome of this process quite a bit because the colors came out really bright and positive and the whole thing had a interesting texture to it. The last two images of the four where done using coke can. For one of them i simply dunked the top of the coke can in some rusty colored paint and stamped it around the card but because i used the top of the can, coke spilled out of the can onto the paper leaving pools of excess liquid, so I held the paper up so that it’d run, giving  it the nice dripping effects which made the sample look much more exciting.



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