Loughborough University Gallery, Artist Work More In Depth

One of the Fine artists at the exhibition based her work on a paper cut theme where she would bend the card/paper so that when you looked down at the work the sculpture looked proportionally correct. She mainly worked with silhouettes which made it seem a bit creepy but what I didn’t like about her room that she exhibited in is that the room was completely white and well lit. If the room was dark and the only things that were lit up were her art work then that would of made it a lot more atmospheric because it would actually make the silhouettes actually look like what they are supposed to be giving it that immersive experience.

The work is based around a 3D and a 2D concept. The art work uses both of them to create an illusion which only becomes entirely clear when you look at it at the right angle which is something I have talked about in the Simon Page blog post. In the art work below the artist basically uses two methods, she either paints on the actually card that the artwork is presented on or she has the characters pop of the page by folding the paper. The characters which aren’t the main focus or in the background, are painted onto the card and the main focus of the artwork is bent and made to come away from the page to make it stand out more which gives this effect that your in the room where the scenes are taking place because you can see who is in front or behind who.

For me this work makes me feel like I’m looking into a fantasy story and a tale is being played out in front of me but its also a bit scary and horrifying that your witnessing a murder scene happen or somebody is being abducted by some giant being or maybe its metaphorically saying its the hand of a god or death taking somebody away from a loved one which can create powerful emotions in people who can relate to that.

What i don’t like about this artists work is that she is picking scenes from a story which she hasn’t wrote so its not entirely portraying her emotions or past experiences so to me it just isn’t as powerful as it could be if it was coming straight from her instead of coming through secondary source.

We have just done a workshop where we went through a print process of paper cutting with different materials and another workshop where we practiced how to make different textures with a numerous amount of materials and tools which I go into more detail in different blog post. An idea that I could turn into a sample is to incorporate this artists method of bending the paper and the  methods of paper cutting/printing along with the workshop when I learnt how to create different textures to make a whole new piece which can tell a more detailed story. For example In the first two images there is a hand, I could take away the dark silhouette it has and swap it for a rusty dark colour mixed with sand to make it look old and a hard working hand, along with dark inks to create creases and cracks in the hand to amplify that effect. Also, in the second lot of images i could sap the knife with sponge that is soaked in red ink or paint to make the scene more sinister and deadly.

photo 1 (2) photo 5 (2) photo 3 (2)  IMG_1722[1]



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