Kendal Museum Research and Sketches

Over the past week we’ve had two sessions in the Kendal Museum where we took photos of local history and nature that was being exhibited, we also did numerous sketches of what we saw and what interested us. I was mostly interested in the Butterflies and claws of the different animals. The reason why I liked the butterflies so much because of the structures within the wings and the different patterns each individual one had. Each wing to me had a vein system running through its wings and i liked the way they were sprawled across the wing in symmetry. I used a fine liner pen to draw them  because i wanted to focus more on the lines of the drawings instead of the colour of the wings because i felt the line aspect of the butterfly is more important because i think that a butterflies wing has more of a focus around its veins and patterns when we are looking at them close-up. Color is defiantly important for them to be recognized and differentiated from one an other but when we’re looking at them closer, more detail becomes clear and each individual line comes into focus.

during the sessions i became very interested in a specific mineral/rock that i saw. It was a normal rock on the outside but in the middle it had multiple spirals of green swirled around each other looking like green black holes and so i drew it, again, in pen because there was an incredible amount of lines within the structure that were almost all circles but some of them merged with other circles to create a very swerved path. I wish i had used colour as well but we were limited to how much time we could spend on each one so i had to leave color out of it.

I also mixed it up a bit and did a few sketches of some mammals which were interesting to draw because of the different styles of fur which was difficult to draw in such a short amount of time. Again, i stayed with the pen because i thought that it was the easiest tool to create quick shading which would have a high contrast against the white paper. I was also interested in the different claws that they had because  they had very interesting  textures such as the birds foot which looked very rough and scaly while the sloth’s claws looked very smooth and curvy

DSC_0164 DSC_0161IMG_1682[1]IMG_1704[1]IMG_1705[1]IMG_1706[1]IMG_1749[1]



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