Artist Research: Simon Page, and Ideas or the close-up theme

Simon Page is an abstract graphic designer who is based in London who is most well known for creating designs out of geometric shapes. Since he was a child he always liked graphic design but during school he leaned more towards applied mathematics which is probably why a lot of his work is based around geometric shapes.

All of his work is based on geometric shapes and and their colours. His work is geometric because all of his work is about shapes, usually just one shape and then that shape is layered over it self or its repeated over and over again to create interesting looking patterns.

His work is based around colour and line, like Matt Moore but Simon Page’s work is a lot more exciting to look at while Matt Moore’s work is more simple which is why i find Simon Page’s work more fun to talk and discuss about. For example the picture below, to me looks like your looking down upon hexagonal skyscrapers that have exploded with colour.

Like I said before, line and colour are a key point to Page’s work because he entirely works around shapes which are determined by their sides/lines. In the image below the lines are basic because they are straight but there are thousands of them all heading towards an epicenter which creates this colorful mess. but with this image, you don’t realize how many lines he has actually put into it until you look a bit closer. Once you’ve looked closer you start to see hexagons and lines which you didn’t even know were there and are a bit ghost like or faded because they look as if they are behind the image and the rest of the hexagonal pillars. The way he has used color in this piece also contributes to the madness of it all. The same goes for most pieces of art but without color this piece would have an entire separate feel to it, to me it’d look like an endless tunnel which looks like it’d never end because the grayness of it all would make me feel sad, helpless maybe even depressed. But, with the colours that he has used, he makes the image nice to look at and gives of a much more powerful and positive emotions because the colors are much more brighter and vibrant.

The image doesn’t really have a texture, its just like how a dream would feel because with this piece of art you cant really tell which colours and shapes are in front or behind who.

As for its form its obviously a 2D piece but it has that 3D feel because of the shapes and colours over lapping each other and how all the points are flooding towards the center giving that feel that your looking town on a city or looking through a long tunnel. but In my project i’m thinking on creating a 3D piece and this piece has given me an idea for a starting tester piece. If i’m completely honest, this piece is kinda what i’d think an acid trip would look like while watching star wars, so I thought i might merge the two together and create something different. What i want to do is to work with multiple layers, but these layers wont be all stuck together to create a 2D piece i want to leave gaps between them, few centimeters, inches, a foot, it all depends on what scale i decide to work on. so for example if i used the two images below in a piece, the chairs would be one layer, the characters another, the dashboard and controls the third layer, then the cockpit and the final background layer would be the bright and colorful design made by Simon Page as the last, or something similar. And so if you looked at the 3D piece at the wrong angle then it wouldn’t make sense but there will be that one angle where the whole thing will align and that’s the theme i want to go with for this project.



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