photoshop workshop and Matt.W.Moore


This workshop was based on a 2D artist called Matt W Moore who has a digital style called “Vector funk” which he adopted early on in his career and ever since, his work can be seen ranging from Ray-Ban Wayfarers to the London Olympics Campaign. Moore’s work is quite abstract and is very reliant on the use of colour, as you can see is vibrant to say the least. It is his vibrant use of colours to me that makes his work so attractive, (on top of his use of lines) and this is because without the colours and the combinations that he creates with these colours, each piece would be dull, boring and would look similar to all of his other pieces of art. The other key point about his designs is his use of lines. Every line that is in his work is very dominant, sharp and clean whether its a curved or a straight line. Because of his use of sharp and clear lines, the colours stand out more and make them even more defined which is what i love about his work and i intend to keep him as an artists to go back to for inspiration in future projects.

During this workshop we were taught how to make different shapes and how to alter them with the pen tool. The first image (below) is what we did first, and in it we learnt how to use the pen tool to add multiple anchors on a shape and then to use those anchors to disorientate the shape into something new. We then learnt how to alter a shapes colour with different gradients and how to alter the proportions of the gradient. Next we learnt how to use shape builder tool which we could use to mix multiple shapes together and then join them together, or how to take chunks out of those shapes to create something new. Then we were taught how to use effects to disorientate shapes but in a different way as we did with the pen tool. this effects included a roughen, zig-zag, pucker and bloat, transform, tweak and twist tools. The last tools we learnt how to use were the liquid tools which included a warp, swirl, scallop, crystallize and the wrinkle tools. Examples of these tools being used are in the first picture with the green shapes.

After learning all of those tools we were asked to create a piece of work that used a mixture of the tools if not all of them, so we could properly experiment with them. For my sample I used the pen tool a lot to get down the basic shapes that I needed to work with. After that I went on to give each of the basic shapes a gradient to make it more interesting. I then went onto using the liquefy options to merge together some of edges of the basic shapes, I mostly used the spiral tool because it was simply the best tool to get shapes merged together. After I had finished using the liquefy options I then messed around and experimented with the shape builder tool by throwing in all kinds of random shapes and then deleting parts of them to leave white gaps and trails all over the page. I did enjoy the whole process and i’d like to do it again but i’d like to take it a bit more seriously along with some more time to try and create something more impressive, but what I did like about the piece that I made was that it reminded me of a beach at sunset. While the bottom of the page is the beach, the middle is the sea with waves rolling through it while the top of the page is like a sunset with all of the gradients from orange to yellow.



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