Past Students and Creative Session

Past students and creative professionals and what they said:

Lucy Child:

  • She is a recent student and is about to start a graphic design degree
  • didn’t have an interview
  • showed universities there portfolio over the internet
  • She did a foundation course at Kendal College, said it is defiantly worth doing if your thinking on going to university because it helps you get into the mind set of university and how you should be approaching art.
  • Explore different areas of art during your time at college and university.
  • do what you enjoy
  • if you ever get stuck, do some artist research or any research to get inspiration.
  • do Primary research and secondary research
  • Advised to always be on top of your blog posts

Nick Wateron

  • Recent student,
  • Has completed a BaHons degree and masters in animation
  • has done animations for gaming companies and specific games
  • said animation was a mix between fine art and graphic design
  • concept art is a hard career to get into
  • if doing concept art, try and get involved with advertisement companies, movies and the gaming industry msotly
  • If you ever become a freelancer, always have multiple clients, don’t do one by one.
  • little jobs can lead onto bigger jobs
  • make connections and friends during college and university so you will have connections in the future

Tim Murrey:

  • Recent student
  • Works locally as a photographer
  • hes a commercial photographer and a freelance
  • 3 1/2 years ago he worked in a bank
  • had a chance to do something else so he chose to do photography
  •  did a foundation course in photography at Kendal College
  • best decision he ever made
  • try and find a way that makes you stand out from everybody else
  • trail and error
  • you never know where opportunities are going to come from
  • take ever opportunity you get, even if it has nothing to do with what your currently doing
  • ever piece of work you do know has the potential to be useful in the future

Dave Willis

  • professional photographer and runs his own photography business 3-days a week, rest of the time he is taking photographs
  • left school at 16 because he wanted to travel the world and be adventurous
  • he didn’t know anything about what he wanted to do which included photography,
  • he got an apprenticeship as a student photographer
  • took him a total of ten years to get good enough to do what he wanted.
  • use college as a shortcut past those ten years
  • take advantage of what we’ve got
  • make a network of contacts through friends that you make at college and university
  • always be 2 steps ahead of the game. plan out what you want to do next before you actually get that point
  • be good at one thing instead of being average at a 100 things
  • when applying for anything whether its university, a job or a new client, always make sure you have a strong portfolio.


  • has worked in the art industry for 30 years
  • worked in the gallery for 11 years
  • wanted to do something art related because its something she enjoys doing
  • advises to get a career in something that you enjoy
  • commissioned for a blue chip company
  • found it difficult because it was hard to know what they really wanted or what they were looking for
  • she works in a team so she said that it can be quite easy to annoy somebody without meaning to so tensions can be high if you choose to work in a team


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