Close Up Project Brief

For this project we have been asked to, as a Fine Artist, to produce artwork that visually communicates the theme “close up”. We’ve been asked to create work that is creative and visually exciting that can go on display in the Allen building canteen to promote the museums connection with the arts campus. To help us with this project we will be given the opportunity to use objects and artifacts from the Kendal Museum to help inspire our work.

Initially we will be involved in tutor led workshops to help us develop idea generation techniques, research and planning skills/techniques. In the workshops we’ll also be taught to develop ¬†technical understanding of a range of process including drawing, photography, painting, textiles and print making. We’ve been expected to use the skills that we learn and develop in these workshops to create exciting samples and test pieces in our sketch books to inform our final piece.

Throughout the project we’ll need to give evidence of work that we have done on word press. We will have to annotate any images of practical work that we publish to explain the process that we went through and evaluating and analyzing the outcomes, samples and final outcomes. A practical work that we produce e.g. textiles, sketches, drawings, paintings, samples and anything else has to be kept within our sketch books and posted on our blogs. We also need to post any research that we do which can be anything from artist research to primary photos.

All work for this project needs to be completed by 8/10/15.



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