Chris Rigby Artist Study

Chris Rigby was born in 1967 in Lancaster, he studied Art at Lancaster and Morecambe College and then moved on to Cornwall to study illustration at Falmouth School of Art. He pursued his interest in Old Masters, the work of Titian and Valaspuez made a very important impression and not long after he finished college he turned towards Fine Art.

Hes had a few exhibitions running from 2008:

2012 ‘Above and Beyond’, Showing with Tracy Levine at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh
Summer Show, McAllister Thomas Gallery, Godalming, Surrey
2011 Spring Show, Cadogan Contemporary, South Kensington
The Great British Landscape, RHS Rosemoor, Devon
2010 Various Shows, Cadogan Contemporary, South Kensington
The Great British Landscape, RHS Rosemoor, Devon
Islington Art Fair
2009 Christmas Show, Beaux Arts, Bath
Maiden Bridge Gallery, Tatham
2008 The Great British Landscape, RHS Rosemoor, Devon
Show with Andrew Gifford & Mary Grant, Gallery Des Arts, Verteillac, France
2008 R.O.I. Show with Donald Teskey, Cill Rialaig, Ballinskelligs

He almost entirely works with paints including water colours, Acrylic and oils pastels mainly. Almost all of his work is of countryside, coastal areas and rural villages and houses. Although he does have two portfolios/exhibitions of urban areas.

At his exhibition at the Brewery Arts Center in Kendal he has a lot of amazing pieces of work which are of theatre events that were held at the Arts Center, including productions such as Jonzi D, “12 Miles From Nowhere”, “Dancing Derby”, “Paul Foot” and “Helen”; Addendum to these paintings are paintings from a production of “Crime and Punishment” in Edinburgh.    He also has a few pieces which are of Solfest which he attended in 2011 and 2013, personally these are my favorite pieces because they really capture the heart and soul of a music festival. For these pieces of work he used Water Colours, Acrylic paints and Oil pastels.

His work that he and exhibited at the Brewery Arts Center that were of productions that were held at the Arts Center tended to have a very mysterious, dark and depressing feel towards them. I think this is because that most of the paintings are mostly dark apart from the people that he is actually painting, also, some of the paintings are of people being comforted or of people trying to control somebody else who is emotionally unstable. Because of this the paintings themselves give off a very negative a emotional vibe which would appeal strongly to anybody who is going through an negative emotional time.IMG_1641IMG_1643IMG_1645IMG_1630

On the other hand though his paintings of Solfest have a different theme to them. They aren’t as dark and depressing as the previous paintings mostly because some of them are drawn through the day time but even the ones drawn at night still feel more positive. To me this is because they are drawings of a music festival which is a place a lot of people want to be so when i see those dark drawings its still something i would refer to as an happy and exciting place to be. But the way they are drawn, which is the same for almost all of his work, feels rough and dirty  which is also what those kind of festivals are about, so Chris Rigby’s style goes very well with this scenario and that is why I like these painting so much and why i think a lot of younger people or anybody that’s been and enjoyed a music festival would appreciate his work.IMG_1651IMG_1652IMG_1655

But even though i really like his work i wouldn’t like to experiment with his style. this is because i like to go into detail with my work and that’s not the same theme that Chris Rigby has. He also uses very dull colours from what i saw at the exhibition and if I’m going to use colour which i rarely do then i want to include bright and vibrant colours in my work.


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